Who We Are

Northwest Vision Associates (NVA) is an independent network of optometrists and ophthalmologists in Oregon and Washington. Our primary mission is to obtain group contracts with health plans and programs on behalf of the doctors we represent. 

NVA doctors emphasize eye health and provide medical eye care services as well as “routine” eye examinations.  NVA doctors are fully credentialed and offer quality care, convenient access, and complete dispensing of glasses and most eyewear materials.

By contracting with health plans and programs, NVA brings together those who provide care and those who arrange for the delivery of eye care services.  NVA is not an insurer and does not provide eye care benefits. 

Our Network Of Participating Physicians

The NVA network includes over 550 eye care physicians in private practice throughout Oregon and Washington.

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Our Clients

The NVA network of participating providers is available to HMOs, PPOs, health care service contractors, insurers, vision programs, unions, trusts, associations, and other organizations that contract for eye care services. Our clients include national, regional, and local companies.   

Clients appreciate NVA because we offer a broad network of independent doctors, all of whom have been credentialed and provide both medical eye and “routine” eye care. By working with NVA, clients can reduce claims costs, decrease administration, expand product options, and improve access for care.