Join NVA

Thank you for your interest in joining Northwest Vision Associates (NVA)!

Please review the information below and contact Northwest Vision Associates if you have questions.

Who Can Be A Member

NVA Membership is offered to optometric physicians (ODs) and ophthalmologists (MDs) who meet NVA criteria for participation.

Joining NVA

NVA uses a two-step process to review qualifications for membership.

The first step requires doctors to submit an NVA Pre-Application. This can be obtained by contacting NVA.

If you are approved based on the information in your NVA Pre-Application, NVA will notify you. In its notice, NVA will explain step two, which is submitting an NVA Full Application.

If You Practice With Other NVA Members

If you will be working in a practice where the other optometrists and/or ophthalmologists are NVA Members, you must apply for NVA Membership within 30 days of the date you begin working part or full-time at the practice. If you do not, the status of the NVA Members in the practice could be affected.

You can begin the process either by contacting NVA or by having a practice representative log on using a valid User Name and Password for a doctor at the practice. This allows them to access the Member section of this web site where you can download the NVA Pre-Application and the NVA Full Application.  

If No Doctors in Your Practice Belong to NVA

If you work in a practice where no other optometrists or ophthalmologists are NVA members, please contact NVA to request an NVA Pre-Application or use the link below

NVA requires all doctors in a practice to be NVA Members. If you want to apply and there are other optometric physicians and/or ophthalmologists in your practice, they must also apply for NVA Membership at the same time.